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Simon is a person. He’s made some music, some of which is linked to below and some of which isn't. That’s all you need to know about him.

Items marked with * are compilation contributions.

Artist Title Label Year
Cahn Ingold PrelogSUPERVOIDRei Records2024
LLWCHほこりGoodnightSunset Grid2024
The Incidental CrackNo More BangersCruel Nature2024
Cahn Ingold PrelogThe Well-Tempered Diffusion ModelWabi-Sabi Tapes2024
LLWCHほこりSOYWAVEMiami Palm2024
dronegothEesti OrelidOKVLT TMPLS2024
Delinquent Convulsion GroupThe Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House7737737732024
LLWCHほこり🍉*Global Pattern / DreamShore2024
LLWCHほこりDiwedd (Coch)7737737732023
LLWCHほこりDiwedd (Glas)7737737732023
LLWCHほこりDiwedd (Oren)7737737732023
dronegothDisintegration (Loops)7737737732023
TVO & The Incidental CrackI Don’t Want to Worry You UnnecessarilyPreston Capes2023
LLWCHほこり & safetensorsHighland Velvet*Sunset Grid2023
LLWCHほこりIKIGAI (生き甲斐)*Sunset Grid2023
Ash Cooke & Simon ProffittLive @ SCRATCHRecordiau Dukes2023
Cahn Ingold PrelogCrescenceWaxing Crescent2023
EndlessDiscovery™EndlessDiscovery™ 4Bogus Collective2023
EndlessDiscovery™EndlessDiscovery™ 3Bogus Collective2023
EndlessDiscovery™EndlessDiscovery™ 2Bogus Collective2023
EndlessDiscovery™EndlessDiscovery™Bogus Collective2023
safetensorscave homeBogus Collective2023
LLWCHほこりKodoku*Sunset Grid2023
safetensorsRIGHTExotic Spresm2023
safetensorsWRONGExotic Spresm2023
LLWCHほこりCommunity SurveillanceBogus Collective2023
Sulk Rooms & The Incidental CrackSplitWaxing Crescent2023
Cahn Ingold PrelogRental Yields: Volume 4*Front & Follow2023
for %f in (in/*.*) do python -i in/%f -o out/%~nf.wav -m 255 -p 0.35Latent SpaceExotic Spresm2023
safetensorsGreatest Hits7737737732023
Cahn Ingold PrelogArtificial Music IIExotic Spresm2023
Cahn Ingold PrelogArtificial Music IExotic Spresm2023
Cahn Ingold PrelogThe Insolent DipExotic Spresm2023
LLWCHほこりForest City SoundtracksStargazing at Blank Skies2023
Benthos EnsembleSwimmers7737737732023
Benthos EnsembleCrawlersStargazing at Blank Skies2023
Benthos EnsembleDriftersStargazing at Blank Skies2023
LLWCHほこりThe Gold Translucent7737737732023
Ovis SzuMetamorphosis7737737732022
Ovis SzuTransfiguration7737737732022
Orryon ComcomCymroddyfodoliaeth III7737737732022
Orryon ComcomCymroddyfodoliaeth II7737737732022
Orryon ComcomCymroddyfodoliaeth7737737732022
The Incidental CrackDoes NothingPreston Capes2022
Cahn Ingold PrelogDiary of a Madman*Bibliotapes2022
Carnedd AurAsid GwledigExotic Spresm2022
LLWCHほこりAURՈսկիSuperpolar Taïps2022
Cahn Ingold PrelogSounds for an Empty House*Soundlands2021
Cahn Ingold PrelogConfidenceWoodford Halse2021
Cahn Ingold PrelogYou Can Never Leave*Front & Follow2021
Carnedd AurBeetlesSuperpolar Taïps2021
Instituto Bangara-Rossa InternacionalAn Introduction to Bangara-RossaStrategic Tape Reserve2021
The Incidental CrackDetailAnticipating Nowhere2021
The Incidental CrackMunicipal MusicHerhalen2021
Cahn Ingold PrelogAccelerateCrow Versus Crow2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogEndsExotic Spresm2020
Carnedd AurHel Bwyd Cennad y MeirwExotic Spresm2020
Orryon ComcomAnother Self-Inflicted National Crisis Where None Of Those Responsible Will Suffer Any Of The ConsequencesExotic Spresm2020
TrawFire WorksExotic Spresm2020
TawTruce TermsBezirk2020
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn MoorBlessing of the Hand-SanitizerSuperpolar Taïps2020
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn MoorMusic for Hand-WashingAmgueddfa Llwch2020
Carnedd AurHeal The People, Heal The Land*A Beautiful Idea2020
Carnedd AurMothsWormhole World2020
The Incidental CrackBefore the MagicSoundtracking the Void2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogNoise In Opposition Joint StatementNoise In Opposition2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogTraditional Computer Music from North East WalesExotic Spresm2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogContemptExotic Spresm2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogSlow Notes for GlitchBroken202020
Cahn Ingold PrelogTubular LockdownExotic Spresm2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogBurnsExotic Spresm2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogIsolation and Rejection*Front & Follow2020
Cahn Ingold PrelogWithdrawn II*Amgueddfa Llwch2020
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn MoorMusic for the National Health ServiceAmgueddfa Llwch2019
Carnedd AurMusic for the Welsh European Funding OfficeExotic Spresm2019
Cahn Ingold PrelogRemainsExotic Spresm2019
Cahn Ingold PrelogPointlessnessExotic Spresm2019
Cahn Ingold PrelogSpraingksthsExotic Spresm2019
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn MoorContemporary Protest MusicAmgueddfa Llwch2019
Simon Proffitt & Ash CookeChen StyleListen to the Voice of Fire2019
Simon ProffittNothing, For NobodyExotic Spresm2019
Ash Cooke & Simon ProffittGwrth-GitârLinear Obsessional2019
Simon ProffittGwallauExotic Spresm2019
Simon ProffittLlinynnauExotic Spresm2019
Cahn Ingold PrelogNIO3*Noise in Opposition2019
Cahn Ingold PrelogNon-music 3Exotic Spresm2018
Cahn Ingold PrelogNon-music 2Exotic Spresm2018
Cahn Ingold PrelogNon-music 1Exotic Spresm2018
Simon ProffittRhaeadrauExotic Spresm2018
Simon ProffittCrisis ApparitionsExotic Spresm2018
Simon ProffittThe Erotic SpasmExotic Spresm2018
Cahn Ingold PrelogCovering the Covers*TQ2018
Cahn Ingold PrelogToleranceRecordiau Prin2017
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn MoorRitual Music of North PembrokeshireAmgueddfa Llwch2017
Ernesto Rodrigues, Guillherme Rodrigues, Karine Décorne, Simon ProffittWay of WalkingCreative Sources2015
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn MoorPedair Awr yng Nghymru Fydd / Brave New Wales*Fourier Transform2008
TrawPedair Awr yng Nghymru Fydd / Brave New Wales*Fourier Transform2008
Simon ProffittPedair Awr yng Nghymru Fydd / Brave New Wales*Fourier Transform2008
Traw & Rhodri DaviesCwymp y Dŵr Ar Ganol DyddConfront2006
TrawCongratulations to the Young Men of NelsonFourier Transform2006